Protection Services

Whether it’s armed mobile security patrols, uniformed site security, or personal protection services, we value training and education over profit margins. Clients who choose The Odin Agency are immediately aware that they have found an agency that applies modern techniques to age-old values.

First and foremost, we consider ourselves a model of excellence, a symbol that your company cares about the safety of its employees, patrons and facilities. Extensive backgrounds in security procedures and implementation, along with state of the art technology, put your business in good hands.

Professionalism, training and customer service are what set our security staff apart from the multitude of choices available.

While uniformed, armed or unarmed, we provide your company with a visible deterrent for anyone looking to break the law. Whether on foot, or in a vehicle, we patrol your property, checking locks and doors ensuring that everything is safe and secure.

Executives and professionals often require personal protection for themselves or their families. When a client requires these services it is best to have licensed, qualified individuals who are specialists in the field. Select members of The Odin Agency are highly trained to undertake the very serious personal protection assignments. Our diverse staff of professionals are trained to blend in with the client and their surroundings.

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