Service of Process

The Odin Agency offers quick and reliable Service of Process. With affordable rates and fast turn around time! Discover why some of the largest and most respected legal firms have used our services.

The Services

      • Service of Process
      • Writ Service
      • Document Delivery
      • Courier Service
      • Sheriff Sales
      • Witnessing
      • Notary Service
      • Skip Tracing
      • Stake Outs

The Benefits

      • Licensed private investigators locate the subject of service before attempts are made, increasing efficiency.
      • Use our convenient personalized request forms, or provide your own.
      • Process your request using phone or email.
      • You will be informed of the status and completion of all requests.
      • Affidavits of service sent to you upon successful completion by email, mail, or hand delivery.

Contact us today to find out more about our Service of Process Services, for an immediate quote, or a last minute rush service!